Outlaw Run


Silver Dollar City

Our Part

Missouri-based theme park Silver Dollar City approached Ballast to help launch the commercial campaign for its new roller coaster, Outlaw Run. We were asked to do all the visual effects, on set vfx supervising, and post production. Challenges? There were many. Winter had to turn into summer. Terrain that included a huge rock loop formation had to be added. Oh, and a pioneer family in a stagecoach needed to transform into a modern day family zipping along on the new ride.

Turning winter into summer by replacing skies and trees wouldn’t have been difficult if the coaster wasn’t spinning, bending and twirling through space. So, in order to minimize the shake, we devised a system that reduced vibration over 85%. This system allowed us to rotoscope and track with accuracy. For the terrain, we created matte paintings and a 3D stagecoach, which were then composited with rotoscoped horses and riders.

In the end, we had way more control over our vfx plates and our transition shot worked seamlessly. Ballast produced a finished commercial that looks as if it was shot on a bright summer day.


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