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Our studio is located in downtown Culver City. It’s a place many clients and artists come to think of as a second home, and that’s how we like it. From the outset, our goal has always been to build a relaxed, inspiring environment that fosters the development of good ideas and great partnerships.

We’re not big believers in pixie dust and trendy marketing jargon. Our mindset is rooted in the kind of no-nonsense prowess only attainable from long-term experience. Our ability to deliver for our clients lies in the durable yet adaptable processes we’ve developed over 20 years working in the industry.

The BALLAST team possesses leading expertise in motion design, visual effects, content creation and sound. We place a premium on active collaboration with our loyal client base of networks, ad agencies, studios and brands. We are committed to helping our (client) partners develop their brand media and reach their audiences, from tiny mobile screens to giant sold-out stadium screens and everything in between.

There’s no magic behind the curtain here, just the irreplaceable assets of experience and dedication. Give us a call if you have an idea, the seed of an idea, or just want to brainstorm over a strong cup of coffee. Making new connections and creating new possibilities is what gets us out of bed every day.


Our Approach


At BALLAST, editing has been the foundation of our projects since day one. Even though we pride ourselves on our ability to ‘make it look neato’, we also are aware that a successful product is built upon the bedrock of a great story. We are fortunate to have top notch editors to navigate the editorial process.

Design & Animation

By harnessing a wide range of techniques from hand crafted to in-box digital solutions we create dynamic design and animation packages. We aim to be true and mindful of our clients’ brand while moving it forward in unique and unexpected ways. From broadcast promo and network rebrands to main titles and show packages, our systematic approach yields favorable results. We’ve learned to listen to our clients and they trust the process.

Visual Effects

Funny thing, visual effects (VFX). Technically, every job we do uses some form of behind the curtain wizardry, whether it’s green screen compositing, object removal, beauty work, set extension, or whatever. That said, we do get a ton of requests for specific VFX shot work and our goal is to finish shots like they were shot in camera during principal photography.

Original Content

We are well versed in the art of live action production and creation of narrative work. Our special ops filmmaking team produces short films, show sizzles and long form work that combines strong production values, striking cinematography and compelling performances. BALLAST supports these projects with our post workflows, marketing and infrastructure.

What they say

“From concept through post… and without much time, Ballast delivered a great spot.” 

-Rebecca Dye, Brand Manager / Coors Light

“This is the best advertising campaign I’ve ever seen us do.”

-Eric Lent, Senior VP and CMO / Herschend Family Entertainment

“We set out to create an entertaining experience with a broad appeal—they  fulfilled our expectations as promised.” 

-Mark Simmons, Creative Director / Fox Sports Australia

“Ballast delivered a winning title sequence to a very hard-to-please group…”

-Ken Sanzel, Executive Producer / Post109


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